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Kurt Angle Entrance Greats 2018 PRE-ORDER


Kurt Angle Entrance Greats 2018 PRE-ORDER

The Olympic Hero Kurt Angle action figure
Brand New van Mattel.
Inclusief standaard met naam en geluid erop.
Entrance Greats 2018

The item above is not in stock yet.
These expected dates are without prejudice.

We expect the items between monday 19th and friday 23rd of february 2018

Mattel's WWE Entrance Greats Series
When you make a WWE entrance, make it grand! These highly collectible WWE Entrance Greats Elite Collection figures are inspired by iconic WWE Superstar "Entrances" as they walk down into the ring before the match. Each figure has deluxe articulation, a detailed character expression, authentic ring attire and iconic accessories.
Highly collectible, the Mattel Elite figure also comes with an WWE entrance "ramp" piece modeled after the real ramp WWE Superstars walk down. WWE Collectors can use the ramp to pose and display figures and recreate WWE epic entrances.
Press a button on the ramp and 30 seconds of the Superstars entrance music plays!
Collect - Play - Have Fun!

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